Sails of change

Utilising sport and nature to create a sustainable future for our planet.

Sharing our values

True to its name, which conjures up images of spray blown from the crests of waves by the breeze, the open ocean and human adventures, the team is writing a new chapter in its history. Targeting performance naturally remains central to this ambition, guided by the commitment displayed by its owners Dona Bertarelli and Yann Guichard. Born from their joint passion for the ocean, the Spindrift epic is continuing to champion its preservation. To firmly fix the transition, it is by flying the flag of Sails of Change that the boats are now navigating the planet.

Sails of Change is a community of sports and nature enthusiasts eager to create a sustainable future for our planet.


Our survival depends on nature. Indeed, humanity’s fate is inextricably linked to the balance of the natural world, and the health of the oceans in particular, which cover two-thirds of our planet.


Science, exploration, innovation, technology, facts and data have the ability to inform and inspire not just today’s governments and companies, but also tomorrow’s leaders, about the true value of nature and the crucial balance between the latter and humanity.


To ensure the vital balance between nature and people, commitment is imperative at every level, on the part of governments, NGOs, companies, communities and the general public.


Whenever we give it the opportunity, nature demonstrates its amazing capacity for regeneration. Reforestation, the restoration of natural environments to their wild state and the reintroduction of indigenous species are just some of the ways to boost biodiversity.


The first campaign to be supported by Sails of Change is ‘30x30’, a global call for action to protect at least 30% of the ocean and the earth by 2030. This message adorns the sails on both the stable’s boats, the TF35 catamaran as well as the maxi-trimaran. The latter will display the #30x30 logo around the world during the Jules Verne Trophy, in association with the new blue and green livery on the stable’s flagship.

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